Kevin Todd

Kewin-ToddMargaret is my Polish wife. I have been living with her in Warsaw for 25 years. I love Poland, admire unusual Polish history and people.

I was born in Kiddermister England in 1961. My father was a wood sculptor and my mother was a carpet worker. Kidderminster was the centre of carpet production in England, until the introduction of European cheap carpets killed that industry in Kidderminster. Following the local tradition, I completed the Wolverly high school. So, my basic profession is a carpet technician.

However, I have inherited my father’s artistic soul and for that reason I have decided to dedicate my life to art. I have focused myself on art-photography and music. I was a bass player in two English punk-rock groups: the “Plastic Gnome” and “Regular wretches”. I have also been singing with a Polish punk-rock group “The Generators”. Nowadays, I am a solo artist, writing and composing my own songs. I also work as an English language teacher and a native speaker.

© by Kevin Todd

Kevin Todd Radiator

Dark Room by Kevin Todd

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